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Class Descriptions and Instructor info

Class Name Description Instructor Information
Archery (2 AM sessions) This class is an overview of equipment, basic shooting: stance, posture, draw, aiming, release, and follow through. We will pull all this info together and practice what we have learned. Presque Isle State Park will be providing the instruction
Art of Wood Burning
(3 Sessions)
This class will teach the fundamentals of pyrography (wood burning). Each student will get to choose a pattern to burn into a piece of wood which they will get to keep. Kirby started woodcarving professionally in 1992. he began dabbling in wood burning in 2006. Since then he has added this to his business and has won several awards for his work at shows and competitions. He has done straight wood burning in the past, and has painted some of his pieces. Recently he has added using colored pencils to his creations. Many of his products can be seen at his business Facebook page at North Country Creations.
Basic Kayaking
(4 sessions)
Paddling practice dependent on creek depth and speed.
Participants will learn about different kayaks and paddling gear. Class will cover paddling techniques, reading water, and water safety. You will also have time to do some paddling on Oil Creek. Barb Lake retired after 35 years of teaching Adventure Education, Health & P.E., and Early Childhood Education. Barb has done extensive paddling for the past 30 years. Barb will be assisted by Bruce Getsinger of the Friend of Oil Creek State Park.
(4 sessions)
Buzz will present and discuss equipment and supplies needed for keeping bees. He will bring an observation hive with live bees. He will discuss and demonstrate bee suits, and hive parts. He will also have posters and pictures of many hive types. Buzz Swank has spent 20 yrs. as a hobbyist bee keeper. He has done many demonstrations and can answer many questions You are sure to have a good time.
Bird Identification Techniques
(2 AM sessions)
If you are new to watching birds or are just thinking about getting started, then we can help. We will give pointers on how to ID birds and where to look for them. Other topics will include everything from where do I go, to how do I dress, to how should I behave. Kathie Goodblood has been watching birds as a hobby for 30 years. She not only watches birds here in Venango County but has traveled to more than a dozen countries to view their birds. She serves on the board of director of the Bartramian Audubon Society.
Come Forest Bathing
(2 sessions 1 AM, 1PM)
What’s it mean? And how might we experience it? We will focus on seeing, tasting, sensing with our eyes and our ears and smelling the individual aromas around us. Covering a very short distance, likely no more than ½ mile, while leaving pen and paper behind and our cell phones/cameras turned off, we will stop to discuss our experience as we invoke sense after sense. Each experience will be a personal one, and throughout we will come together to share aspects of our journey in a group, passing a talking stick from person to person. The end of our journey will include a taste treat and an opportunity to discuss our experience. Leslie Alexander is a professional herbalist and works locally with plants and people. She's co-owner of Restoration Herbs, where she has a clinical practice and works as a community herbalist. Leslie takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, and promotes the use of medicinal herbs in every day life.
Cycling 101: Basic Maintenance & Trail Readiness
(4 sessions)

This introductory hands-on workshop is designed to make you feel more comfortable on and around your bicycle. Topics covered in the workshop include: Bicycle anatomy, General bicycle fit, How and when to lube your chain, Wheel removal, How to fix a flat tire, What to carry on a ride, Pre-ride checks

Instructors are Brian J. Hoffman and Kevin Culbertson. If you live in the local area, there is a good chance you’ve passed them on the road. Both Brian and Kevin have over 20 years of experience riding, racing, and maintaining their own bicycles. Collectively, the two own over 20 bicycles. Odds are, if you have a question, they’ll be able to answer it.
Dutch Oven Cooking
(4 sessions)
The workshop will demonstrate Dutch Oven cooking on an open fire. Participant will make a complete meal and discuss cleaning ovens. J. Lee Baker is a retired Pastor, teacher, and former camp ranger for North East Ohio Boy Scout Camp. He also is a member of the Over the Hill Gang trail maintenance group.
Emergency Shelter and Fire Building
(4 Sessions)
The US has thousands of acres of state and national where people can enjoy scenery and lot of fresh air. Usually when we visit these parks we have a very relaxing experience. But what if you wander off exploring or go on a hike and realize that you are not going to make it back to your camp or vehicle before dark? Now what? Without shelter and fire you could be in for a cold, wet, miserable might. In this session, I will teach you how to make a shelter so that you can be dry and how to start a fire so that you will be warm and visible to those who might be coming to find you. Each participant will put together their own fire starter kit. Andy Robertson had the privilege of growing up with hundreds of acres of woods outside his backdoor. He never knew it was a privilege until he went to college and met people that had very little experience in the outdoors. He has been backing in the Allegheny National Park and the Adirondacks High Peaks region, with both good and bad experiences. He has also recently completed Sigma III Survival's Standard Survival Course.
Fly Casting/
Fly Fishing
(4 sessions)
The Fly Casting class will give explanations of the fly rod, reel line, and accessories needed to fly cast and fly fish. A hands-on class of fly-casting will follow, and students will learn several different types of fly fishing casts. Mark Signorino is a Fly Fishers International Certified Casting Instructor, a PA Fishing Skills Instructor, a member of the Pittsburgh Casting Club and a member of the Gem City Outdoorsmen Fly Tiers, a board member of the PA Steelhead Association, and is a PA Certified Fishing Instructor.
Bob Anderson is a Fly Fishers International Certified Casting Instructor, a PA Fishing Skills Instructor, a founding member of the Keystone Fly Fishers group in Franklin, PA and an accomplished fly tier and member of the Gem City Outdoorsmen Fly Tiers.
First Aid (4 sessions) Outdoor First Aid will include helpful advise on how to handle emergencies in the outdoors, while on the trails or in the woods Susie Fontanazza has been a Health and Physical Education teacher at the Oil City Middle School for 25 years.
(4 sessions)
A treasure hunt with a twist! In this class you will learn what geocaching is and how to use a GPS (provided for use in class, but bring your own if you have one). You will enter coordinates into a GPS and search for hidden treasure. Christina Lynn Moss is graduate of Clarion University and has worked in many areas of media and marketing. She is an avid photographer and loves the outdoors. Geocaching has been a hobby of hers since 2005. She is a member of Tri-Go, Oil Region Cachers, PAGA, and BACON geocaching groups. Christina has a published article on geocaching in the Franklin Spirit and has radio interviews that aired on WOYL/WFRA Franklin. She participated in the bid for the Geocoin Festival held in Pittsburgh, PA, and she assisted with the Allegheny Geotrail Project for the Venango County area.
Invasive Plant ID
(4 sessions)
We have all see the destructive effects caused by wildfires in the West, however, there is a threat in the East that just as destructive and just as damaging. Wildfire affects can be clearly seen, however, invasive species can be far more subtle. Invasive species are of particular concern because they grow, reproduce and spread rapidly; establish over large areas; and persist in the environment. Going unnoticed until it can be an overwhelming issue. Learn how to identify invasive non-native plants by learning about their characteristics and the threats to native species, communities, and ecosystems. Learn what you can do to help control their pressures. Ty Ryen is a Bureau of Forestry, Service Forester for Forest and Venango Counties. His office is located at Oil Creek State Park.
Making Herbal Tinctures
(2 sessions 1AM, 1 PM)
Medicinal Herbs are often available seasonally, but what about out of season? Tinctures are alcohol extracts that enable us to preserve herbs for extended periods - decades even. Join the workshop and we’ll talk about tinctures, taste a few and learn how to make them. Participants will collect herbs and make tinctures to take home. Leslie Alexander is a professional herbalist and works locally with plants and people. She's co-owner of Restoration Herbs, where she has a clinical practice and works as a community herbalist. Leslie takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, and promotes the use of medicinal herbs in every day life.
Nature Terrariums
(4 sessions)
Participants will assemble nature terrariums from various plants, moss, and rocks. We will discuss the care and maintenance of terrariums. Rosalyn Espy has been an avid gardener of both flowers and vegetables for many years. She has been a member of the Oil City Garden Club for 20 years. She has also been the Garden Steward for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Oil City Gateway Garden for 10 years.
Needle Felted Nature Scene
(4 sessions)
Learn to paint with fiber. Needle felting is the art of using barbed needles to felt fiber. We will be felting over a flat felt sheet to create a nature scene. April Cox started Tupelo Alpaca Farm with husband Tom in 2012. Since then she has learned about the wonderful world of fiber art. Her alpaca fibers are used to spin, crochet, wet felt, and needle felt. The alpaca is skirted, prepared, and dyed at the farm. 99% of her products are handmade using an assortment of fibers including, alpaca, wool , and silk. April teaches many fiber art classes and demonstrates spinning at various events. She sell her products at local shops, craft fairs, festivals, and online. Of all the fiber arts, felting is her favorite.
Outdoor Photography
(4 sessions)
This workshop will cover the essentials in nature photography. Topics such as: composition, perspective, lighting, depth of field and, shutter speed will be discussed. This workshop will include some hands on time, so bring your camera along. Greg Knox has taught digital photography for 10+ years. Several years ago he opened Bright Ideas Learning Center and photography. Bright Ideas offers Professional Photography services and a wide range of Adult Education Classes at the National Transit Building in Oil City.
(2, AM sessions)
This class will show how to create a decorative ceramic tiles using glazes. Participants will have pre-fired pieces available to glaze. You will learn about firing processes and see some examples. You can pick up your tile at the National Transit Building or have it shipped about a week later. Angela Wyant has been teaching for approximately 15 years. She has a bachelors degree in Art Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. She teaches children and adults wheel thrown pottery, ceramics and painting at Oil Creek Earthworks Pottery Studio in Oil City.
Secrets of the Indian Medicine Man
(2 PM sessions)
Learn how American Indians used native plants and animals to survive in what we now call Pennsylvania and the Oil Creek Valley. Chris Mossbach has a degrees from Penn State in Forestry and Environmental Education. He has worked and studied natural history all over the United States. Chris lived for 3 years on the Cochiti Indian Pueblo in New Mexico. He was the US Army Corps of Engineers government representative to the Seneca Nation of Indians for 16 years. He has presented hundreds of walks and talks dealing with the natural history of Pennsylvania and Native American uses of plants and animals for food, medicine, and survival.
Self Defense
(4 sessions)
You will learn techniques that will keep you safe on and off the trail. Venango County Sheriff Department presenters are highly skilled in self defense techniques where safety is priority one.
Water "Bugs" - Macro-invertebrates
(2 AM sessions)
Collection dependent on creek depth.
Participants will collect aquatic-macro invertebrates from Oil Creek and use a simple key to identify them. You will also learn about the special adaptations each organism has in the aquatic environment. A skill useful to fishermen, fly tiers, and those interested in healthy clean water. Bring wading shoes or boots if you can for a walk in Oil Creek. Evelyn K is a retired high school Biology teacher. She taught Aquatic Biology for many years. She is a member of the PA Senior Environmental Corps stream water monitoring program.
Yoga in the Park
(4 sessions)
Practice postures to enhance your mind and body in beautiful Oil Creek State Park. Peg Teeter is a graduate of Embodi Yoga Teacher Training in Pittsburgh, PA. She has taught yoga classes at Oil Creek State Park, Venango College, and Belles Letters Club of Oil City. She worked as an elementary teacher for 11 years before becoming a full time mom.

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