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Oil Creek runs through the center of the park from Drake Well Museum at the north to The Rynd Farm Bridge at the south end of the park.

Oil Creek is known for its bass and trout. Feeder streams, Boughton Run, Toy Run and Jones Run along the northern end provide brook trout fishing.

Two delayed harvest-artificial lure only areas cover 2.5 miles of Oil Creek. Delayed harvest areas are as follows:

  • Drake Well Area: From Drake Well Museum Monument (two green posts) downstream to Boughton Bridge, one mile.
  • Petroleum Centre Area: From PennDOT bridge at Petroleum Centre downstream to OC&T Railroad bridge at Columbia Farm (does not extend to ice dam), total of 1.6 miles

Delayed Harvest Rules Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission laws apply.

There are many small paths that lead from the park roads and trails to Oil Creek. The parking areas at Blood Farm and Petroleum Centre day use areas provide easy access to the creek.

Complete information on fishing rules and regulations in Pennsylvania is available from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Web site.

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Get the water depth at the Oil Creek Rouseville Gauging Station

Fishing on Oil Creek just below the Petroleum Centre bridge. Watch the video