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Visitor's Center

The visitors center is located at the old train station at Petroleum Centre

Petroleum Centre was the focal point of the early oil boom

The visitors center hosts displays and programs. “A Contrast in Time” slideshow takes you on a six-minute journey through time. The din of pumping wells and shouting men in the 1860s contrasts with the rustling leaves in a gentle breeze in present day Oil Creek. The train station is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays during the summer season. Visit the Train Station Visitor Center for historical displays, an exciting diorama and an interactive computer information center.

A train still chugs through the valley and stops at the Train Station in Petroleum Centre, just as it did over 100 years ago!

The train operated by Oil Creek and Titusville RR offers excursion trip through the park.

Paula, a park volunteer, works at the visitors center during the summer season.

She can answer any of your questions about the park

We are looking for someone to help Paula at the Train Station Visitors Center on weekends during the summer. If you can help part time contact the park office at 814-676-5915 or
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Visitor's Center

Petroleum Centre Visitors Center and Train Station

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