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Oil Creek Bike Trail

The scenic 9.7 mile asphalt trail is built on a historic railroad grade which runs parallel to Oil Creek through wooded park land. The trail is suitable for users of every level of conditioning. Creek vistas, restrooms, and picnic areas are strategically located along the trail. This trail offers a special combination of natural beauty and historical significance. It follows the path of development of the oil industry in the 1860’s. The story is told by exhibits and interpretive signs along the trail.

Paved Trail:

Petroleum Center, southern end

Jersey Bridge, northern end

Drake Well Museum has a replica of the first oil well (Drake's Well), walking tours and programs, and relics of the early oil industry. The Drake Well Museum has a souvenir shop, restrooms, picnic areas and flower gardens.

Food and lodging are available in the nearby towns of Titusville and Oil City


From the North: Jersey Bridge next to Drake Well Museum near Titusville. The museum entrance is off Route 8 at the southern edge of Titusville at E. Bloss Street.

From the South at Oil City follow Rt 8 North to State Park Road. Then three miles north to Petroleum Center.

Trail Extensions

On the northern end the trail has an extension, the Queen City Trail, into downtown Titusville. It ends at the intersection with Route 8 behind McDonalds. The Queen City trail is difficult to find at the north end, but it runs between the Titusville Middle School and Oil Creek and then behind the Recreational Complex to the Jersey Bridge parking lot.

On the southern end a share the road trail continues south from Petroleum Center to Rynd Farm bridge. Additional share the road trails continue south along Waitz Road to Rouseville where the McClintock Trail connects to the north end of Oil City where the Justice Trail begins and continues to other AVTA trails south along the Allegheny river.

oil creek bike trail

A view from Oil Creek Trail.

oil creek bike trail

Oil Creek Trail in Late Fall.

bikers on trail

Biking the trail in the fall.