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Cross Country Ski Conditions

Conditions Update Log:

3/15/2017: John went to Oil Creek early this morning with the intention of grooming but sadly found only 3-4 inches of snow. The conditions are very marginal for rock skis. We will let you know if the status changes. in the meantime, if you want to ski head south or east. Sorry!

2/10/2017: We lost all our snow due to rain on Tuesday. We are starting from scratch again and we now have about 3-4 inches of snow.. Not enough to groom. Temps are expected to warm over the weekend. If you venture out, we suggest "rock" skis. Conditions will be marginal.

2/4/2017: Skiing was pretty good today and a fun time was had by all. Skiing Sunday will be fastest in the morning as the forecast calls for temps to warm into the mid 30's by early afternoon. The extended forecast calls for warmer temps and the "R" word mid week. So get out and enjoy the snow and ski while you can.

2/4/2017: This weekend is expected to be the best so far so don't miss it!. We got some light snow over the groomed tracks yesterday making for great skiing. Why not make it a weekend and ski all day today, check out Franklin on Ice, spend the night, and ski again on Sunday. Franklin on Ice

2/3/2017: Skiing was spectacular at Oil Creek yesterday. All trails are groomed and track set. A few tiny wet spots are now frozen. Conditions will be even better today with the colder temps. If you want a great classical ski experience you will find it at Oil Creek!

2/2/2017: Direct from the Groomer: There is a foot of snow being groomed into excellent tracks today at Oil Creek. The tracks will firm up as temps drop. This is about as good as it gets folks! Take advantage of some great skiing and come on out! Looks like a fun weekend ahead.

2/2/2017: Temperatures dropped. Snow drying out. John has left to go grooming. More accurate report to let the groundhog make the right prediction!!

2/1/2017: There is lot's of snow and good coverage on the trails with man-made tracks. We picked up several more inches yesterday, However, the snow was wet snow with temps at 34 degrees causing the snow to still be wet this morning. Today's temps may reach above freezing as well. To groom under these conditions would pack the snow as hard as cement. John, in his grooming wisdom, feels it best to wait for colder temps tonight to dry out the snow. He will groom and set track Thursday. That will set us up for a great rest of the week and weekend! Thanks for your patience and we just want to make sure you have the best skiing experience possible.

1/31/2017: There now is good snow coverage on the trails with skied in tracks. We have received about an inch earlier this morning. The snow is coming down strong as I write this with a prediction of several more inches by days end. John will groom and set track once the main accumulation gets here. Skiing should improve as the week goes on into the weekend. This is what we've been waiting for! Don't miss it!

1/30/2017: We received about an 1" more snow over night through this morning reaching about 5" total in some areas. The trail conditions are marginal (rock skis) but improving. Wet areas are beginning to freeze. There is a promising forecast for Tuesday. We need a bit more snow before being able to groom. We will continue to update as things improve. Positive thinking, right?

1/28/2017: We only received another 1/2" of snow overnight. Yesterday's snow has settled and condensed leaving us about 4" total. If you decide to ski, we recommend rock skis and to stay on the upper trails. There will be wet spots to go around. The NIGHT Ski is CANCELLED! The forecast shows a little more snow and cold temps over the next few days. We'll keep in touch and let you know when and if we are able to groom.

1/27/2017: Today we received about 3-4" of new snow over a very wet surface. We will wait to see what happens over night and if the ground freezes or we get more snow before making a ski recommendation. Currently there is nowhere near enough snow for grooming. The Friends of Oil Creek Night Ski is pending...........❄

Due to excessive rain, the Night Ski for Saturday, January 14, has been cancelled and rescheduled for Saturday, January 28. We sure hope there will be snow by then!

1/1/2017: John groomed and set some track yesterday but conditions deteriorated as the day went on. We got some light rain/snow mix but the skiing will be marginal today. There are some bare and wet spots. If you decide to venture out, stay on the upper blue and white trails and power line. We will let you know when conditions become favorable again. Happy New Year!

12/31/2016: John is out grooming and reports that he is able to pack and is setting track where he is able. There are some thin spots and a few wet areas. Skiing will be best on the blue and white trails on top. It's a good day to come be thankful for what we have!

12/30/2016: We started the day with 6" and have received more snow throughout the day. John plans to get up early tomorrow morning to groom and set track. With the snow and mild temps the skiing should be great all weekend. Bring in the New Year right by skiing the beautiful trails at Oil Creek! Happy New Year!
Make a whole weekend of it by heading into Oil City for exciting First Night Festivities starting with fireworks at 7:00 PM and lots of great entertainment all over town ending with fireworks at midnight! Return to Oil Creek New Year's day for another great day on the trails!

12/30/2016: The area received 4-6" of heavy snow. More snow is in the forecast for this afternoon. We are waiting to see how much we get before grooming. The trails are skiable with man made tracks. We will update later today.

12/12/2016: We got 3-4" of wet snow overnight so there is 6 or more inches on the ground. Temps going above freezing today. The temps need to go down below freezing and snow dry out before we can groom hopefully by midweek. Trails are skiable.

12/11/2016: Currently there is 3-4" on the ground. More snow is in the forecast for Sunday through Sunday night with the possibility of 3 or more inches. With the warm ground underneath and insufficient snow, grooming is not possible yet. At this time, skiing would be marginal and we recommend "rock" skis if venturing out. We will continue to update if the status changes

Friends of OCSP and Sun Valley Nordic are planning a Nordic Ski and Equipment Swap to be held on Thursday, December 29th, Noon to 6:00PM at the Ski Hut. See the Flier for details

Trail difficulty signs are being updated in some areas to better reflect the difficulty of short sections of the trail. Please be on the lookout for the new signs..

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